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ACT reviews Feed Maxi!

'Maxi the Monkey is super cute when he requests the food items. Students familiar with some simple ASL (more, want and please) will love the sign language that goes along with the audio request!'
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I Heart This App reviews Feed Maxi!

'Feed Maxi is an interactive learning app that brings to mind the classic “Bring Me” game mechanic. This app is developed by professionals in the child development field so learning while having fun is a guaranteed experience'
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Smart Speech Therapy reviews Feed Maxi!

'Feed Maxi is a fun and functional app which via a seemingly simple yet engaging set-up (monkey feeding) fosters a number of important skills in emergent communicators'
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Appy Ladies review Feed Maxi!

'Feed Maxi is my new “go to” app for my non-verbal to minimally verbal speech therapy students! I love the sign-language reinforcement! The app has a reduced pace, which I love! There is ample time between each food request for discussion or reinforcement
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Best Apps For Kids review & video of Feed Maxi

Feed Maxi is a perfect speech app to have on hand for both Parents and Teachers. Maxi is an adorable monkey, sure to entice any kid. The ease of navigation, combined with monkey antics keeps them coming back for more. The app is fantastic for enhancing sp
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Teachers With Apps reviews Feed Maxi!

Feed Maxi is an excellent app for using with students who are working on their expressive and receptive language skills. The simple ASL gestures are a hit with the kids. Over 80 different foods are depicted using beautiful realistic photos.
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The Baby Spot reviews Feed Maxi!

'I worked with special needs children & I really recommend this app for children that are learning to classify their food groups. It’s difficult to find the perfect app that is suitable and also engages learning in children. This app has it all.'
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Autism Daily Newscast reviews Feed Maxi!

'The app is extremely interactive, I particularly like the way that Maxi asks for a high five and that you have to physically give him a high five. We do this action with Tom when he has achieved something and is a way for us to congratulate him so the ac
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Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy reviews Feed Maxi!

'Bang-there it was-THE HUGE SMILE! I had showed him the Feed Maxi app the week prior and he remembered it. The level of communication and the strategies he utilized to begin this wonderful exchange was beyond this SLP's hearts wonder. Thank you so much S
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December 4, 2013: Speak Eazy Apps launches Feed Maxi! on the AppStore !

November 14, 2013: Speak Eazy Apps premieres “Feed Maxi” at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention (ASHA) in Chicago.

ASHA Chicago

Quotes from the Pros

Feed Maxi is my new “go to” app for my non-verbal to minimally verbal speech therapy students! I love the sign-language reinforcement! Highly Recommended! Melissa Harris M.S., CCC-SLP

Feed Maxi is a great little app that promotes functional communication skills in children. Many of the language impaired preschoolers on my caseload enjoyed learning about different food groups by feeding the frisky monkey. I recommend this app for SLPs looking for a functional and inexpensive way to promote food categorization knowledge in children.  Tatyana Elleseff MA CCC-SLP of Smart Speech Therapy LLC

Every educator working with kiddos on language delays should have Maxi as their iPad pet.  Maxi is an exceptional monkey that interacts with the user while using encouraging comments, simple sign language and fun antics all while fostering important communication skills. Jackie Bryla Founder of a.c.t. Apps, Consulting and Training



Feed Maxi is a great interactive app that promotes communication while keeping my son entertained at the same time! He loves the surprises and rewards that he gets when he is successful, thus promoting further interest in playing. Truly, he has expanded his very limited diet since we downloaded this. HUGE for him! Since using Feed Maxi, he is now interested in a variety of different foods that he has recognized from feeding Maxi! WE LOVE IT! Penny Perez CEO & Founder Williams Syndrome Changing Lives Foundation

It is hard to keep my three-year old interested in anything for an extended period of time. I recently bought the Feed Maxi ap just to try it out. I downloaded it at night and showed it to him the next morning. He played with it for a long time and remembered to ask for it at night and the next day. When your child loves the ap, and you know it's educational, it takes the guilt out of screen time. Thanks Feed Maxi! You rock! Jenny P., Bettendorf, Iowa

Feed Maxi has helped our son, Liam, immensely with his speech delay. We love Feed Maxi's interactive quality and how it engages our son. Liam is learning and having fun at the same time! Patty H., New York, NY